Glowworm is a webzine established in 2019 to showcase the work of promising new writers, journalists, and visual artists. We’re interested in presenting our audience with talent from all over the world in order to show our shared humanity. This is a place that legitimizes intellectual inquiry into topics lofty and mundane like, is The Last Dragon Prince really as good as they say or why are toddlers so terrible at holding down a job? Each issue, we select previously unpublished poetry, essays, translations, book, album, interviews, video game and movie reviews, photos, podcasts, and comics in all forms that address a theme. We invite guest editors to read submissions and pick their favorites.


CB Brady is a producer and translator from Hawaii. He’s presented on the issue of agency in Roman tragedy and American comics at academic conferences, created the Prometheus Bound podcast on the intersections between pop culture and classics, and wrote his thesis on anagrams in Hercules Furens. Right now he’s editing a manuscript for his translation of Lucretius’s On the Nature of Things, Book V.

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